Master Your Natural Voice

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I feel like I'm wasting my time with vocal warm ups? 
  • I can NEVER get a good breath for singing!
  • I sound good on my vocal exercises but then bad on my song! 
  • I need more confidence in my voice!

Or how about this?

  • I am a working singer already and I rely on my natural ability but have never studied before. I'd love to feel in control of my voice!
  • I studied voice a long time ago and got busy with life and my career. I still sing and sound good but I'm rusty. My voice always get tired after I sing!
  • I am a budding pro and before I head to Broadway I need to learn how to better hit my high notes and control my break!

If any of this sounds familiar, I can help!

The Master your Natural Voice course is the only vocal training program of its kind that explains in a 'singers' language how the voice works and why we do certain warm-ups. With this course you can break down your bad habits and begin creating a healthy technique in as little as 7 weeks! 

Don't just take my word for it, here's what Leah says after she completed the course...

Are you ready to work? You are bound for your dreams! Go for it!  Let's sharpen those skills to get you ready for all the gigs and opportunities that await YOU!

Don't wait one more day to SHARE your SONG!

9 Modules


I'm so glad you are here! You are exactly where you need to be to get started!

Module 4 part 1: Mix and Match Exercises - Fill your vocal toolbox and grow your voice

Open up that toolbox and get ready to add a bunch of very effective tools for your vocals. Ever have a tool you don't know how to use and it just sits?  Not anymore...not with this toolbox! After this module you'll have not only the tools, but you will have actually 'read the manual'!

I encourage you today to remember WHY you are doing this in the first place, what are your musical goals, how do you want to share your song?  Let that be the thing that drives you!

Module 4 part 2: Mix and Match Exercises - Fill your vocal toolbox and grow your voice

In the second part of this module we will  be adding more exercises!  It's great, because we are filling your toolbox FULL!  Don't let it overwhelm you...just experiment and find the ones that you really click with now and you may use the others another day!  Also, there are 3 more lessons with other exercises to come so stay tuned for those!  But these should keep you out of trouble in the meantime!

Module 4 part 3: Mix and Match Exercises - Miscellaneous

Here is the last part of module 4 and it is full of not miscellaneous exercises per se, but miscellaneous places to focus on your technique.

Module 5: Be Your Own Coach

Not much guided activity for this lesson.  But I do encourage you to try out these resets!  They can be so helpful when when you need either a quick fix or a refresher...when you are oversung, overtired, overworked....a reset!  The Quick Reference PDF is under lesson files and in the Subscriber Hub!

Module 6: Vocal TLC

Module 6 is all about different ways to take care of your voice other than exercises and warm-ups!  More for your toolbox!

Modules for this product 9
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