Full Vocal Warm-up - Soprano

This is a full vocal warm-up PDF and MP3 that will get and keep you in shape vocally as a supplement to voice lessons or when you aren't able to take lessons for whatever reason.  They will take you all the way up AND down your range.  Many warm-up mp3s out there (**cough**youtube) don't you the option of going up through your range and then also back down or vice versa.  These mp3s will give you options like...

Got an hour to work?  Go through the full warm up to get a thorough work out and really begin to condition your voice.

Slow to warm up? The tracks are marked where you can do a truncated warming up of your low notes first, then play the track again from the start to do that exercise in full.

Only have half the time?  The tracks are marked in a way for you to skip to the next if you don't have time to come back down the scales but only go from low to high range.

If you are serious about your craft and ready to dedicate some time to hone your skills, building an exercise routine that will strengthen your voice, control, and confidence, then you will love having these options for whatever time and energy you do have!

Works for ALL levels and styles!

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