SPOT Check

Enroll in SPOT Check.  A new way to do voice lessons!  When you subscribe monthly, you can, throughout the month*, submit videos (via Marco Polo app** extra charge) of your singing for feedback and direction from me.

A virtual, convenient, affordable, recorded mini coaching session!

This is similar to my Hybrid Plan but without the 2 monthly facetime or zoom/live sessions. (Head over to the private lesson option for more info on that plan).  SPOT check requires a certain amount of consistency and discipline on the singer's part but also can create it for you as well!  An added bonus?  You become skilled at listening to and watching yourself which in and of itself is a huge benefit! 

That's it!  

  • Subscribe monthly for unlimited submissions or pay for one spot check at a time
  • Download free MarcoPolo app & find me there.
  • Submit your selfie-singing-videos
  • Receive a video reply with direction, feedback, and encouragement from me...your vocal coach

Another BONUS: It all stays recorded for you to reference for as long as you need until you delete it!!

*Videos can be sent daily if needed and should be no longer than 10 minutes each. **After purchased you’ll receive details on how to get started.

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